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Monday, April 26, 2010

Weigh In Monday

Great week for me! I lost another 5 pounds total!!!

I couldn't be more pleased with my self for all my hard work. I feel good and am starting to notice the 9 pounds I lost. I still need to get some pictures up. Sorry, I have been so busy lately with you know...working out, being a mother, being a wife, and being a teacher. It's hard to fit other things into the daily routing, especially things like taking pictures of myself.

Anyway, my diet over the last week was great! I have been really strict with myself on calories and have put into plan that if I want a treat, I can't just eat it, I have to omit something else to indulge in the treat so my caloric intake doesn't increase just because I want to eat something a little bad for me. I have been surprised at how great my self control really is when I want it to be. I turned down cherry cheesecake! That is one of my favorite desserts and I turned it down, opted for a skinny cow instead. There were a couple days where I felt like I was starving and depending on the time of day I would eat an additional snack. I don't want to get to the point that I am so starving that I make a bad eating decision. I feel like once I slip into losing my self-control, I don't know if I would be able to start back up again. So, for now, I need to put a handle on every aspect of my diet and if I feel really hungry I am going to allow myself the extra healthy snack even if it means going over my daily caloric amount. I just don't want to put myself at risk for slipping up.

As far as my workouts go. I was really upset with myself for gaining a pound although it probably wasn't my fault. Because of that I decided to boost my intensity level at the gym. I started running. I ran for 3 days and then I decided to I would start the Couch to 5k program. I have finished all 3 days of week 1. I feel really good about the program and believe that I will be successful at it. It's weird though, I did a mid week weigh in just for curiosities sake and it seems like as soon as I started running, the pounds started dropping. So, I think running is working for me and as long as it does, I am going to continue doing it. Actually I really want to be a runner. I want to feel that runners high that avid runners get. I want to feel free and not trapped in my body and heavy to the ground. Running feels good, I can definitely feel that I am HEAVY but, I know that I won't always be and I like how great I feel after I have completed a run. So, in addition to my running I have increased the pounds in my weight training. My trainer thought I should, she said it seemed to easy for me. So, I increased everything by 2 pounds. 2 pounds is a noticeable difference. Holy moly! I have been so sore since my weight increase. It feels great though. I also started yoga on Saturday. I loved it! I am definitely going to make it a weekly thing. I feel like my workout routine is complete and yes, it will have to be ever changing so I don't fall into a plateau but, I have a good system that is working so far and with the personal trainer I will get help in changing it when I need to.

I have realized that I am definitely NOT an emotional eater. I am a food addict. I just love food! I love how food tastes and when it's delicious, I don't want to stop eating. I am also a boredom eater. I am bored...ok I will just eat something. Boredom has been a battle for me this week but I fought the fight and my self-control won! I did not eat out of boredom once this week! I didn't get some household chores done in addition to working full time. I am so pleased with myself.

I have been wondering when I am going to crash. I have been on such a high because I have felt so good. I am so excited about my weight loss journey that it really hasn't been that hard for me. There have been times it was hard but, nothing I couldn't handle. I feel like my excitement can't last for too long. When am I going to get to the point where I am fighting with myself to keep trying? I feel like it might be right around the corner and maybe that feeling is a good thing so I can brace myself to fight and fight hard.

My husband bought me a new scale. It's a digital scale with body fat and hydration measurements. I am so excited about it. I will be able to know my exact weight. It was kinda hard to tell what it was on the dial scale and I could only know the whole number. Funny thing is this morning, I weigh exactly 206.00 pounds.

9 pounds of total weight loss since I started my journey just a few weeks ago! I am pleased!


  1. Way to go!! Nine pounds is great. :)

    I do the C25K too and love it. I have never been a runner but am starting to think that I might become one. It's a great feeling to go through the sessions and finish strong.

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. WOOOO HOOO!!!! Go listen to Unwritten by Natasha Bettingfield and do your happy dance!!! You are doing awesome girl, keep it up!