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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Who Am I?

I am on a journey to become a better me. This journey is life long and challenging but, the best way to continue on my journey is through first, prayer and second accountability. Goals are also very important. This blog will help me track my progress in each area I want to improve on. There are many areas I want to improve on but I am going to tackle some big ones first and as I get going on these big areas I will bring in some other areas to focus on.

Areas are as follows:
  • weight loss
  • self esteem
Each area will encompass my walk with the Lord. It will only be through my faith in Jesus that I can accomplish anything. I believe that if I get a handle on these 2 areas then I can be successful in becoming a better me in any area.

Thank you for following and supporting me in my journey to become a better me!

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