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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I realized AFTER I ate 2 tortillas, one for lunch and one for dinner (because my lunch and dinner were the same that tortillas are incredibly high in calories. I am not sure why I never looked previously and I just assumed they were around 120 calories. Nope, they are 200 calories, TWO HUNDRED calories EACH! I should be put to shame. I went to the gym two times today both time for an hour so I know I burned that off but, I am fairly certain that I didn't burn anything else off. So, as a way to make up for my terrible mistake, I am eating strictly fruits and veggies tomorrow. I will allow myself one source of protein tomorrow (egg whites) just because I will need the extra protein after hitting the gym. I am putting this mess up on here because eating fruits and veggies will be REALLY hard for me and I need the accountability.

I am so embarrassed, why did I not look at the calorie info. before I ate the first one?! I look at calories for practically everything else, especially carbohydrates.


  1. there are some wheat wraps that i really like at Huckleberrys (and rosauers i think) that are only 100 calories ;) they are also high in fiber.

    just be careful with the fruit tomorrow because it's not necessarily low in calories and is definitely a simple carb (veggies can be too but they tend to have more fiber) and protein and fiber are what keep you feeling full. not to discourage it, but just be careful! since i have up-ed my protein lately i definitely find it easier to resist sugary treats.

  2. Thank you Sarah! I can always count on you. :)

    My plan for tomorrow is to have a fruit smoothie in the morning with spinach in it too. Crossing my fingers it's as good as I have heard. I will also have some egg whites, not sure if I want to just blend the egg whites into the smoothie or eat them separately. For lunch and dinner I am just going to saute some stir fry veggies and eat that with probably some soy sauce on it just for a little added flavor. I may also put in some egg whites with the veggies for dinner. I will probably eat an apple and a banana for snacks.

    Do you think that seems like too much fruit? I could have carrots and cucumber instead of one of the "fruit" snacks.

  3. As far as calorie count goes i think the fruit snacks (ha ha, it sounds like you're eating you know, FRUIT SNACKS!) are okay but i would encourage opting for something with protein instead. Like a low calorie (under 150) protein shake, or a hard boiled egg, or maybe a lettuce wrap with tuna. Then also, it depends what goes in your fruit smootie. Milk has about 8grams of protein a cup, then your egg whites have about 4g each, so if you only get protein from milk and egg whites (let's say you eat 4) that's only about 34g of protein (depending on your veggies too, they could have SOME). I recommend getting at least 50g of protein, especially since you're working out regularly AND speaking from experience, (like i said) increasing my protein is really helping me!

    If you chose to not go for protein then i recommend veggies instead of fruit because they tend to be a "slower" carb, have more fiber and less sugar. And remember you can likely eat MORE veggies to equal the calories of fruit (just make sure to look up the actual count).

    and i think the fruit smoothie with spinach sounds yummy :)

    sorry this was so long and i hope it was helpful!

  4. I've done that before, assumed something was a lot less that it actually was. Sucks, but now you know so it won't be an "oops" again.

    Do what you need to do to come to terms with the mistake, it is important that one mistake doesn't de-rail you. I will say this though: be careful about going overboard today on limiting yourself. In my own personal experience, when I would get super restrictive to make up for eating something "bad" that day before, it would just send me into a spiral which would eventually end in me giving up on even trying to eat healthier. Just make sure that you are not going to end your day starving for more food. Maybe just cut out 160 calories from your day, that is essentially all you overate. It sometimes is counter productive to be too extreme when trying to "make-up" for something you did the previous day.

    That is just my own personal experience and it might not be the same for you, I just wanted to share :) :) :)

    I hope your day is fabulous!

  5. Sarah and Laura thank you thank you! The advice is SO helpful! I am drinking my spinach smoothie as I type and it's delicious! I did add some milk but only about 1/4 cup. After I will make the egg whites and coffee with a little cream.

    I definitely don't want to feel like I am starving throughout the day or at the end of the day because I know me, and that will just lead to unhealthy snacking. I know what you mean about the downward spiral Laura. For sure. I just want to take this day as a recoop day and nothing more than that.

    I think I will up my protein. We have weight loss shakes but they are too high in calories to be a snack. So, i am hoping between all the spinach I eat, egg whites, and adding in milk to drink I can get enough. Ew maybe some tuna in my stir fry veggies. I will try that.

    I have had a terrible problem lately with wanting to snack so I think I will try adding in more protein to my regular diet.

    So even in my mistake yesterday I managed to lose 1 lb. I am thinking maybe it just hasn't caught up with me yet. But, I was totally surprised when I got on the scale. Hopefully today will be beneficial.

    Thanks again girls!

  6. Don't ya hate it when you notice calories AFTER you ate it! 2 workout in 1 day you ROCK!