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Monday, May 24, 2010

Weigh In Monday

Let's get right to it. I weighed in this morning at 195 for a 2.6 pound loss this week. While most people would say that's a pretty good week, I say no, it really could have been better. I got a little lazy and do I dare say, pretentious. I have been losing weight just about every week even though some of my choices have not been superb. So, I have continued to make small bad choices because I always assume the scale will still move in my favor. I am done with that mindset. I am back on track or rather more on the center of the track and incredibly focused.

Here is a little about the week.

I met with my trainer. It was a good workout. I was able to talk about some issues I was having with this months workout. I hadn't been feeling like I was physically and mentally connecting to the workout like I did with the last one. I tried to describe the way I was feeling as best I could but, it boiled down to the fact that I need more demanding workouts because I am not being worked hard enough. So, next month I need to prepare myself to step it up a notch which is good.

This week I met the 20 pound loss mark. I can't believe I have lost 20 POUNDS! I don't feel like I have lost THAAAT much but, I know it shows in my body physically. It hasn't even been 2 months and the weight has been consistently coming off which excites me to no end to see where I will be by the end of the summer, by my 28 birthday in September!

My weight loss challenge group had a mini challenge this week over a period of 3 days to see who could rack up the most steps on a pedometer. Can you guess who won? If you guessed me, you guessed right! I am so excited I won. I literally didn't stop moving until after 9 o'clock at night for those 3 days. I get a Starbucks gift card for winning the challenge. We are going to do another challenge this week. I am not sure what the challenge is but, I am excited to find out and hopefully I can be successful with that one too.

I completed week 5 of the Couch to 5K program. I did such a great job running this week. I had the endurance I needed to complete each day without any major difficulties. It was hard yes, but, I finished without an ounce of doubt.

I have some big blogging adventures coming up this week. I didn't complete the video so that's on the agenda tomorrow or maybe tonight. I also am doing something new and something exciting so stay tuned for that.

I think that about sums up my week. How was yours?


  1. Holly!!! 2.6lbs is AWESOME!!!!! That is no small potatoes girl! I know what you mean when you feel like you could have done better, but still.... that is a great weight loss, be excited!! Well... I'll be excited for you!!! WOOO HOOO!! :)

  2. Yes you are right, it's pretty good. It's just that for about 3 days I watched the scale go up and down and up and down and I knew it was because of food choices I was making but, didn't care enough to stop eating pretzels and I even ate a candy bar. Eeek! I guess it's not exactly about the number, it's just about my lack of control, knowing that I could do better but just don't. I am going to try to be spot on with ALL of my choices this week and see how what the scale shows and hopefully it will be worth it. If not, then I just might go back to having a couple indulgences throughout the week like pretzels. Probably not the candy bar though.

    Thank you for your excitement Sam! I'm excited too, I just don't want to get overly excited because the road is SO long still.

  3. 2.6 pounds is sooooo good!! I hope I lose 2.6 this week. ;)

    Your road is getting shorter day by day and you are doing a great job. Keep it up!

  4. You've been awarded. Stop by my blog to pick it up!

  5. Congrats Holly, that's an awesome accomplishment! Keep up the good work.