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Thursday, May 13, 2010

This weeks pretty much sucks. It's my TOM so I am retaining water like mad! I can feel the swelling in my feet as I type this. I had my husband pick me up some Midol just to try to get rid of the bloating and water retention. Needless to say, I am not losing weight. Which totally bums me out because right now the scale says exactly 200.0 pounds. I am SO close to be in "onederland," and of course, I am at a stumbling block, a hurdle, that unfortunately, I can't knock down, I have to just wait and let the wind knock it down for me. I am so frustrated because other than drinking a lot of water, which I do anyway, and omitting sodium, which I don't consume anyway, there isn't anything I can do. Unless, there is another trick out there that I am unaware of. If you know, by all means, enlighten me because I will do whatever I can to get rid of this water retention in the next day or so. I am rooting for the Midol to actually work. I don't think I have ever taken Midol before so, we will see if it works.


  1. Warm lemon water. Squeez some fresh lemons into some warm water and sip it all day. It helps bring down water retention. That's why it's always good to have lemons in your drinks when you eat out. :) And the other thing, recognize the weight gain, or lack of weight loss for what it is - something your body naturally has to do. DON'T beat yourself up over that! This to shall pass, literally, and you'll be back on track and into "Onederland". (Love that saying by the way) Hang in there!!


  2. This too shall pass. That is the only advice I have for you. Next week your period will be over and if you stay on plan this week, you should see a nice big drop and be celebrating onderland! Just keep up the hard work and try not to let the scale get you down, you will get there!