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Monday, June 21, 2010

Weigh In Monday

There is some good, really good and some bad to report. Most people want bad news first I think so here it is. I am up, yes, I finally got what was coming to me and gained. Yikes! I am at 191.6. I attribute this gain to the terrible funk I have been in created by being super sick with a sinus infection. The sinus infection left me feeling drained of ALL energy. I made it to the gym just once last week and it was only for a 30 minute run on my lunch break. I also ran outside for 21 minutes. That was my first outdoor run and I am pretty proud of making it 21 straight minutes. I could definitely had done more but, I was on my lunch break then too and didn't want too get too yucky to go back to work. I also quit breastfeeding and was in a LOT of pain over the week.

News gets better from here. It's a long post but, I think it will be worth the time reading.

Today, is a new day. I feel 100% better and my energy has been restored. I am on antibiotics and they have been working tremendously well. I am no longer in pain either. I made it to the gym this morning and got my weight training workout done as well as a 30 minute run. It felt great to get back at it and I am really looking forward to a solid week of gym workouts, eating right, and hopefully some outside runs too.

A few weeks back I had mentioned that I stopped journaling my food and I needed to start it again. Well, today I did. I wrote it all down and figured out my total calories. It felt good to have that back in my routine also.

I gave up coffee two weeks ago. I was drinking it every single day. I NEEDED it. Well, I am glad to say that I don't need it any more. I thoroughly miss having it but, I don't depend on it to enjoy my day. I do have tea every now and again. After getting through two weeks without coffee everyday, I have decided that I will have coffee socially. I will never again have it on a daily basis. I feel like since it's something I really enjoy, it would be nice to have it socially. Most of my friends are coffee drinkers and that is really what we do, go to coffee. I was telling a good friend of mine that it feels like I am going against who I am to not have coffee but, I am also really proud of the fact that I gave it up. She reminded me that I, we (because she gave up coffee too) need to give the credit to God because He is the reason why I am able to go without it, why I am able to do this weight loss thing period. She also reminded me that I need to not let things like coffee or my self-control to abstain from coffee not determine who I am. Which, unfortunately, is so easy to do and what I was doing. So, for that reason alone I am glad I gave it up. Now, I really need to focus on giving God the glory with my weight loss and not thinking it's me that is conquering the scale.

This weekend was our anniversary. My lovely, husband, Adam and I have been married for 5 years. To celebrate we went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and also where we had our first date, Chilis. Chilis, where we live is at the mall. So, we decided to go on a mini shopping spree. Adam needed new shorts because he, too, has lost weight and all of his shorts are way too big. I am proud of him for making the changes he has. We are both the same size we were when we got married. I got two summer dresses, that I never would have worn 24 pounds ago. One is even a tube top. I got some leggings. I never felt I could pull off leggings before. I LOVE them! They are so comfortable and even considered wearing them everyday. I also got a pair of sunglasses. Not that weight loss has anything to do with sunglasses, I just needed some new one. It was such a happy day and I am so excited about my new clothes and being in a smaller size. Not only am I in a smaller size, I am now able to shop at stores I shied away from because I felt too fat to wear the clothes that they sold.

Even more great news so, hopefully, you are still with me. I won the 6 Week Biggest Loser Challenge I was doing. I had lost a total of 6.57% over the course of 6 weeks. I am super excited. Everyone had to send in a $10 gift card to the place of their choosing so, my winnings will be an assortment of gift cards. I am super stoked about it.


  1. Congratulations on winning the challenge!!! That is SOOOOOOOOOOO exciting!!! Hopefully there will be some gift cards in the stash that can go towards even more great new clothes in your smaller size -- and the next one after that and the one after that :-)
    Also a huge congratulations to you and Adam on the anniversary. Sounds like you had a great time celebrating.
    (And bah on the scale. It's just a number and you're doing GREAT in spite of it!)

  2. Great job on winning! Hey, can I get your address? I wanted to invited Lily to Graesen's birthday party. I cannot find your email address, so I figured I could ask you through the blog and you could email it to me (and this time I'll make sure I save your email).

  3. Great job winning your challenge!! How exciting!! Good for you for giving up coffee. People always look at me strange when I say I don't drink coffee. I don't even like the taste. The smell is heavenly, but the flavor...eww.

  4. I (we) are so proud of you and Adam, and what you have both accomplished in such a short amount of time!! Also, great job at giving up coffee to get through your day. I remember when I made the decision almost 10yrs ago to give up my caffeine vice, Mt Dew. I had tried a few yrs earlier but a year later christmas had one sip, and I was hooked again. If feels so liberating to give up something that has a hold of you, especially with the Lords help, I know I couldn't have done it without him and definitely lasted this long!! Great job, and as always keep up the good work (don't let one week slow you done)!